Turning Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Generating good public relations isn’t the responsibility of one department, it’s something the entire business should take care of. It doesn’t matter what an employee does, everyone from the custodian to the CEO can contribute to building a brand’s reputation and image.

While employees may not realize it, they all play a part in promoting a company’s goals, mission and value every time they talk to friends or post on social media. That’s why it’s important to give employees the tools they need to become great brand ambassadors. Below are some tips to help ensure every staff member represents your company passionately and with pride.

Lead by Example

As a company leader, your role goes beyond simply making the business profitable. It’s also important to communicate openly and build transparency. When employees feel that they are in-the-loop, and you trust them, they are more likely to act appropriately.

Keep Them in the Loop

Making sure employees are up to date with current business successes, initiatives, news and goals will ensure that the information they share is accurate. To make this easy, consider sending weekly updates via a social intranet or email. Include things like company news, press releases, articles, videos, memes and other shareable content.

Create a Positive Environment

It’s important to create an environment where every worker feels confident and enriched. When an employee feels that they are part of the bigger picture, and not just working for someone they are more likely to embrace the business vision and values. Encourage staff to connect with each other to celebrate successes, share stories and become a part of the work community by using intranets and other internal communications platforms.

Encourage Everyone to go the Extra Mile

Everyone likes to be rewarded for a job well done. Developing a recognition program for all employees, regardless of their job duties will help to create a feeling of pride, responsibility, and ownership. It can also yield higher performance and encourage employees to stick around.

Listen to Feedback

Employee feedback isn’t just white noise. In most cases, they are the ones interacting with customers on a daily basis, so listen carefully to what they have to say.

Empower Them on Social Media

An MSLGROUP study found that posts shared by employees on social media reach more than 500-percent further than the same posts shared by business pages. Have a social media policy in place that ensures employees thoroughly understand the company goals and how to interact appropriately with customers, even the unhappy ones. Develop a list of dos and don’ts and make sure the guidelines are very clear.

Turning your employees into brand ambassadors is a smart way to utilize the human resources you already have available. Take the time to give every employee the tools and information they need, make them feel as though they are part of the big picture and watch your brand and reputation grow.

Josh Nass is a public relations executive and sought after crisis communications specialist. He regularly appears on Fox News, MSNBC and other leading media outlets to offer his expert commentary.

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